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Brief information

The main part of gross regional product of the region is created traditionally by the enterprises of industry. At present about 42% of total volume of industrial production of the region goes for export.

Economical situation in the region was determined and will be determined by base branch complexes: mining, fuel energy, fish industry, transport and communication.

For the last years the Murmansk region has one of the first position in Russia on the highest rate of GRP per capita. On production of industrial products per capita the region is at the second place in the North - West Federal district. In the structure of the industrial production of the Murmansk region maximum part (52,4%) is in mining complex and quite large part (12,8%) is in fish industry.

Structure of the industrial production of Murmansk region

structure of the industrial production of Murmansk region

Mining complex of the region provides significant part of needs of Russia: in phosphate ore (100%), phlogopite and vermiculite (80-90%), baddeleyite (100%), in nepheline and ceramic row materials (on 35%), iron ore concentrate (8,5%), in nickel, copper, cobalt, niobium, tantalum, rare earth metal.

The Murmansk region takes the fourth place among the regions of Russia and the first place in the European part on fish catch. Though for the last decade fish industry drawn back, it takes important place in the provision system of ration security of the Russian Federation.

These industries add oriented features to the portrait of the region export, as in 1990s because of the weakening of inter Russian inter regional economical connections and rapid decreasing of needs of domestic market mining, chemical and fish industry of the region were forced to reorient for export, supplying Western countries with non ferrous and ferrous metals, apatite concentrate and fish products.

The Murmansk region is in the number of territories of the power supply per production unit in Russia. Part of power industry in the structure of industry production increased from 8% in the beginning of 1990s to 22% in 2002. But this fact is not the reason for optimism, in many cases it is conditioned by forward increasing of prises for power and heating energy.

Transport plays significant role in the economy. It connects with prevalence of the industries in the region, oriented on production and supply outside the region of big volumes of raw materials, metals and fish products, and also profitable geographical position, presence of transit transport communications and possibility of round the year navigation with direct outlets to international marine trade routs.

Part of transport in the structure of gross regional product makes about 10%. Present land based, air and marine transport communications provide traditional household connections of the region with the center of Russia and makes good conditions for expenditure of business cooperation with Russian and foreign companies.

Before 90s the Murmansk region was the region with high tempos of building, including house one. After the depression the industry is coming alive and developing means of enterprises, regional and municipal budget, aimed at the building of social and industrial objects. The part of building today in the structure of gross regional product is about 8%.

Small ratio (on average 9%) in gross regional product of the region falls at agriculture. Nevertheless the industry has grate importance for the citizens of the region, providing the regional needs with dietical food products. At present the part of domestic manufacture in the pool makes 22% milk and dairy products, 4,8% meat of all kinds, 88,3% eggs, 33,5% potato and 7% vegetables.

For the last years the role of small-scale business is increasing in the economy of the region, tourist industry is developing, international and external economic links are strengthening. Scientific potential of the region is used more actively in the interests of scientific and technical provision of base branches of economy, implementation of new technologies and development of system of the higher education.

Key significance for the economy of the region can get developing of explored large oil and gas provinces in shelf deposits of the West Arctic and realization of projects of Russian oil companies on building of pipe line and terminal on the territory of the Murmansk region.

Along with the development of fuel energetic complex will appear conditions and prerequisites for the development of transport, especially marine one, building complex, gasification of the region, creation of chemical and molecular productions, new positions of employment and as a consequence, increasing of profitable base of the regional budget and improving of life of northerners.


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