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Scientific potential of the region
The plant of materials of electrical techniques is a convincing example of different fundamental researches implementation for the creation of high technologies in new century.

Fundamental and applied scientific researches were conducted by several generations of scientists of Zapolyarie. These researches allowed to get the impression of structure of depth and presence of placements of minerals there.

Researches in the field of mining, chemistry and technology of mineral row materials, plant and animal resources, the usage of resources of the Ocean and care about their retention, technology of hydrobionts processing, study of physical processes in the top layer of atmosphere and in the nearest space are the main directions of scientific activity in the Murmansk region.

Scientific potential of the region is presented by the structure of scientific departments of Kola scientific centre of Russian academy of science (KSC RAS), which includes 11 institututions:

  1. Polar geophysical;
  2. Institute of physical and technical problems of energy power of the North (IPTPEPN);
  3. Institute of information science and mathematical modelling of technological processes (IIMM);
  4. ╠urmansk marine biological Institute (╠╠BI);
  5. Polar alpine botanical garden-Institute (PABGI);
  6. Institute of problems of industrial ecology of the North (IPIEN);
  7. Geological Institute (GI);
  8. Mining Institute (MI);
  9. Institute of economical problems (IEP);
  10. Institute of chemistry and technology of rare-earth elements and minerals at the name of V.V. Tananaev (ICTREEM);
  11. Kola regional seismological centre (╩RSC). (Web-site: www.krsc.ru)


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