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Fishing industry

Fish industry complex of the region is presented by more than 170 fish catching and fishes processing enterprises with labour force of 12 thousand persons. The main scientific organisations and professional educational institutions of the region are concentrated in Murmansk. In register of the State administration of the Murmansk marine fish port are registered 250 trade vessels, including 64 vessels for the coastal catching.

The leading organisations of the complex are "Union of fishery organisations", consortium "Murmansk trawl fleet", non-commerce organisation "Union fish industrialists of the North", non-commerce union "Association of coastal fish industrialists and farms of Murman".

For the last years coast fish-processing enterprises of the region fortifies its positions. There are about 50 enterprises in the Murmansk region, industrial potential of which is 133 000 tons of fish raw material per year.

One of the largest enterprise of fish processing is PC "Nord West F.K.", which was founded in 1989. At present this industrial complex includes trade fleet, two fish processing enterprises, plant on production of meat products, auto transport network and wholesale and retail trade network. Range of products has more than 200 titles. All the products worked out with modern equipment and leading technologies, corresponding to global standards of quality are demanded in Russia and abroad.

PC "Protein" was founded in 1984, it specializes in the production of fish products and produces not only their famous crabsticks, but also black grainy caviar "Agat", fish culinary, mayonnaise "Sever". In the production of fish pastes made from halibut, mackerel, herring, salmon, caviar only selected natural smoked raw materials are used.

Fish growing plant CC "Arctic-Salmon" is unique one. It is situated deep under water of Verhnetuloma pool and at depth of 64 meters function two large workshops. Plant is completely automated, the technology of growing of 1 million young fish per year is used there, it is based on warm water of system of cooling of generators of HPS. There is no such kind of enterprises in Russia and in Europe. Seventeen types of products of the plant, made from hybrid of salmon and trout, have constant success.

CC "d-Cap" produces unique product - cod liver oil "Polien" in granules, which has got "Golden" and "Platinum" quality marks, it is laureate of competition "100 best goods of Russia". industries on processing of untraditional objects of catching being developed: sea urchin, kelp, fucus and etc.

Six fish plants deal with trade fish growing. The first stage of international project on artificial trade growing of Atlantic salmon is successfully completed, in Liihanamari village (Pegengskaya guba) 300 tons of Atlantic salmon were grown.


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