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Investment projects

For the first quarter of the present year investments in the main capital (evaluative) made 12 milliard rubles or 75.5 % to the level of 2002.

The volume of contract building montage works, made by construction organisations, consisted 0.9 milliard rubles (89.3% to the level of 2002).

4251 square metres of general housing square were placed in operation, including Murmansk (4018 square metres) and individual houses in Lovozero district (78 square metres) and in Tersky district (155 square metres).

There are 11 hotel places in Kirovsk after reconstruction.

Reconstruction of trade enterprises with square 4.64 thousand square metres is finished and placed in operation new ones about 0.09 thousand square metres, about 160 seats were reconstructed and 52 new seats were put in operation in catering.

Within the framework of regional address investment program were conducted works on building of the following objects:

  • Houses in Revda and Zelenoborsky;
  • Psycho neurologic hostel and senative corps of specialised orphanages in Apatity;
  • School in Varzuga;
  • Power line Borisoglebsky - state border and reconstruction of buildings (2nd turn) in Murmansk.

For the realisation of events of investment program about 10% of year limit (106 million rubles) was transferred. Financing of regional programs was conducted in volume of 5% of year volume in 203 million rubles.

As for the federal programs in the first quarter of the present year the financing of building of two objects was conducted, the building of bridge passage through the Kola Bay on Kola - Pechenga (142 million rubles) and object of FSUE "Atomflot" (3 million rubles).


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