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Mining complex

The Murmansk region is one the most developed mining regions of Russia. There are large placements of chemical, copper and nickel, iron ore raw material, precious metal and rare metals, rare earth elements on the Kola Peninsula. There are also significant storage of vermiculite, phlogopite, muscovite, pegmatite, amazonite, fluorite and the others. The Kola land is rich in chrome, titanium, raw material for production of building materials and refractory, cover stone, gems and decorative stones. Stock of the most part of fossils on the Kola land have all Russian significance, as for apatite nepheline, kyanite ores, rare metals it has global significance. Feature of the minerals of the region is its complex content.

Kola mining complex

Mineral base of the Kola Peninsula, increasing demands of the economy and defence of the country predetermined characters, peculiarities of distribution of industry forces and specific of national economy of the Murmansk region.

Exploring and development of interior of the Kola Peninsula lead to the creation of mining complex consisting of enterprises of the mining industry, ferrous and non ferrous metallurgy, industry of building materials, specializing in mining and initial processing of raw material to half made products (mineral concentrates).

Kola mining complex has very important economical and social importance for the Murmansk region and plays significant role in the economy of the North and West and Russia in the whole, integrated in microeconomic links. That is why the Government of the region sees provision of stable work and efficient development of mining complex for long-term outlook as one of the main task.


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