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The Kola Land


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The Kola Land

The grand opening of the town of Alexandrovsk. 24th of June, 1899

The Kildin Island

Close to the administration of kolkhoz 'Dobrovolets" of the Lovozero district. 1930s

The village of Rinda. The harbor

The town of Kirovsk. Members of Osoaviakhim in the column of demonstrators, 1937

The town of Monchegorsk. The building of canteen. 1938

The village of Khibiny. 1937

The town of Kandalaksha, 1939

The village of Knazhya Guba. Quay. 1945

The village of Kashkarantsi. 1939

The village of Kuzomen. The building of the kolkhoz club

The camp of Kharlovka. The cross, placed in 1893

The village of Gavrilovo

The village of Kuzreka. The floating bridge. 1939

The dock in Tuva Guba

The main street of the village of Polyarnoye.1937

The first caterpillar tractor in the Tersky district. 1937

New blocks of buildings in Kirovsk.1978

The village of Kovda

The village of Varzuga

The memorial to the defenders of the Polar Regions during the Second World War

The temple in Monchegorsk

The town of Monchegorsk


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