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Public Unions

About 1196 public associations were registered in the lists of Department of Justice on the Murmansk region for 01.01.2003, including

Public associations on activities Quantity
1. Political parties and political movements 103
2. Trade unions 478
3. Charity associations and association for disabled people 180
4. National and cultural unions 32
5. Veteran associations 65
6. Women's associations 13
7. Youth associations 42
8. Ecological and remedial associations 50
9. The other associations 205

The most famous public associations in the region:

  • Murmansk regional public association "Russian association of the Red Cross";
  • Murmansk regional department of the All Russian public fund "Russian children fund" (charity);
  • Murmansk regional public organisation of the All Russian association of disabled people (assistance people with limited capacity);
  • Murmansk social charity club of parents of disabled children "Hope" (assistance families with disabled children);
  • Murmansk regional department of the All Russian public association of war, labour, armed forces and jurisdiction veterans (pensioners) (veteran's support);
  • Public association of veterans of departments of interior affairs and interior forces (veteran's support);
  • Murmansk city public association war veterans (veteran's support);
  • Murmansk regional public organisation "Citizens of occupied Leningrad" (veteran's support);
  • Public association 'Murmansk club' "Children of front line Murmansk" (veteran's support);
  • Regional public movement "Congress of women of the Koal Peninsula" (gender equality in Russia);
  • Regional public association "Murmansk journalist association' (promotion of gender issuers and idea);
  • Public movement "Murmnask regional committee of solders' mothers) (remedial activity);
  • Murmansk regional public charity association "Humanitarian institute of the North" (remedial activity);
  • Murmansk regional public organisation "Kola regional association "For the safety of drinking water and food" (ecological problems' solution);
  • Kola regional ecological children public fund "Green branch" (ecological problems' solution);
  • Murmansk regional youth public organisation "union of youth and children associations "Council of youth hand children association of the Murmansk region" (youth programs);
  • Severomorsk city children public organisation bike club "Pilgrims" (sport).


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